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Drop in and say hello if you've just arrived.
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Steve B
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Re: Say Hello

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NeilBradley wrote: Tue Mar 02, 2021 12:08 pm Hello, my name is Neil Bradley. This is great, I welcome this opportunity to have another go at being on a forum. Fairly certain virtually every CCGB member I offended in the 80's, 90's and 2000's will have forgotten about it by now. This is my website on the off chance any cartoonists need a cartoon. Re posting an avatar. I had no problems at all, I just ripped off SteveB's picture and posted my own over it. Good job, Steve. So, seriously, I couldn't figure it out either, so copied SteveB's uploaded avatar, (you could copy any on the forum) loaded it into Photoshop, then pasted my picture on top, saved it after reducing the file size to under 6K, it was already only 8k (which I guess was a download thing) as a Gif and that worked. Obviously, the quality will be low at that size, but I'm happy being blurred :)
Glad I was able to help Neil!
Feel free everyone to 'rip me off'... :D
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Re: Say Hello

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Hello everyone

Been meaning to check in to have a squidge at the new forum since Chris's announcement. Beautiful it is too!

I suspect a fair proportion of our membership have had their vaccinations by now so hopefully 2021 will mean we can all get back to meeting in person later in the year!

Hopefully I will see you all before too long.

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Re: Say Hello

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Hello all.
Thought I'd check in and take a look around the shiny new forum. Very nice. I'm think I'm supposed to declare my CCGB membership at this point, but it looks like I've already been given the keys to the members area (I seem to be able to see it).
If we've not met before, I'm a freelance cartoonist who works mainly in the corporate world but sneaks the occasional cartoon into Private Eye and elsewhere, and is the newly installed editorial cartoonist for BedsLife Magazine.
Pleased to meet/reconnect with you all.
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Re: Say Hello

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Hello everyone!
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Re: Say Hello

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Hi all.
You don’t have to all say hi in this topic you know! You can start your own :-)
If you are the smartest person in the room, then you are in the wrong room. Confucius
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Chris Williams
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Re: Say Hello

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Oh I dunno,
quite nice having everyone mingle in this virtual kitchen at the party.
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Re: Say Hello

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Bonjour tout le monde. Je m'appelle Brendan et j'ai juste come to the limit of my knowledge of the French language.
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Re: Say Hello

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Hello all. :D
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